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May 13, 2019 Henry Chen 0

Pizza is a savory dish of Italian origin, consisting of a round flattened base of wheat dough topped with various ingredients baked at high temperatures […]

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Un-Lucky Cat Lotteries

May 13, 2019 David M. 0

The “lucky Cat” lotteries in Australia come in two forms. The first is a $2.20/number game; the other is $5.50/number game. These lotteries are generally […]

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Election week is here

May 13, 2019 Gilbert Maze 0

All right let’s talk about the election because it’s this coming weekend. The polls are saying it’s Labor 51-Coalition 49 on a two-party preferred basis. […]

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THX 1138

May 13, 2019 Cameron W 0

Recently I watched George Lucas’ early film ‘THX 1138′ (before Star Wars). It is set in a giant underground dystopian city. There is one thing […]