Movie Review: Zardoz

November 21, 2019 Cameron W 0

Zardoz is most famous for being the Sean Connery mankini movie where he runs around for the majority of the film barely wearing anything (except […]

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Learning From Mistakes

November 21, 2019 Luke W 0

What has happened to the world these days? Not only has common courtesy and general politeness gone out the window, it seems that nobody is […]

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November 20, 2019 .. 0

An expanse of sand or pebbles along a shore.It’s lot of nicest beaches. For some , it’s the whiteness of the sand and the clarity […]

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the weather

November 19, 2019 Alexandre Chouster 0

Today is very warm , so that good. but tomorrow will be much cooler. Still the weather not stable. Hopefully will be warm soon everyday, […]


November 19, 2019 .. 0

Gift are the symbol of surprises, happiness, and celebrations. The only thing to understand is the objective of the person behind giving you the gift. […]

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the weather

November 13, 2019 Alexandre Chouster 0

Today is nice and warm weather and its look good for forecast for this week Hopefully good weather will stay for longtime from now on […]

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ny family

November 13, 2019 samira mahmood 0

my name is samira . Icome from IriQ I have four children . my date of birth 1964 I finsed school in 1982 . I […]

Music is my Life

November 13, 2019 .. 0

What is the purpose of music? Music is how I relate myself to the world. Music means the world to me. It makes me think […]