bonsai techniques i and ii part 2

Examples of deciduous and no-deciduous (broadleaf evergreen). HOW TO create a
broom-shaped style (HOKI-ZUKURI). Examples of informal uright style (M0YOGI)
how to start Japanese black pine bonsai. care of japanese black pine bonsai.
Example of windswept style (FUKINAGASHI). Eamples of cascade style (KENGAI).
Examples weeping branches style(SHIDARE-ZUKURI). how to train and shape weeping
branches style. NOTES on monthly care. propagation for to collect
native materials . collecting california juniper . Example of double trunk (SOKAN) .or twin-tree (SOJU).Examples of sprout style planting (YOSE-UYE)
Example of rock clinging style (ISHIZUKE) Example of other style bonsai
bunjin style .biography awards .

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