My family is Irish. My mum is from Clonel, Tipperary and dad was from Ballyclough, Cork – both very nice places. When I lived in Dublin in ’04-’05 My girlfriend and other friends would rent a car every few weeks and go on trips all over. The old saying always applied, “It’s the journey that matters in the end.” which is 100% correct driving through back roads, little towns and going by farms and fields. One of my favourite things used to be stopping next to a paddock and mooing and cows or baa-ing at sheep. They’d always respond with a moo or a baa and it never got un-funny. The country side is beautiful and tiny pubs in tiny towns are the best on earth especially those that don’t have a juke box and the ‘auld fellas break into traditional songs. Another funny thing on these trips was going past these little pubs and some farmer would have driven his tractor into town and parked outside the pub.

The country is full of characters and you’ll often bump into someone with a joke or a funny story. Ireland is a great place – truly the emerald isle.

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