prunin techniques for developing short needles

this trimming is usualy carried out in mid – summer-in sydney,any time from the second week of january until the first week of february in order for the pine to reshoot and respond fully to this drastic trimming, one must make sure that the pine is vigorous and in prime condition.this is only possible through adequate watering and fertilizer with the right fertilizer at right time.there are two main methouds used in the trimming back black pine hard affter the spring growth has hardened. the first techniqu described in the pictorial shown is a much easier technique in trimming in terms of speed and being able to visualise the shape ofthe bonsai and access the shoots requiring trimming .it poses a much lesser chance of trimming the wrong branchletsand the amount of length required to be trimmed off.the other advantage is as all the new,long needles are plucked
old needles and spent pine blossoms are cleared and cleaed as well simultaneously.

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