All right, it pains me to have to do it but let’s talk about the most loathsome man ever in Australian parliament (at least of any of the major parties): Peter Dutton. It has been revealed that he put the kybosh on the National Energy Guarantee (itself a half-hearted policy) under Malcolm Turnbull, saying words to the effect of “We had 20 MPs who weren’t going to go back to their electorates with photos of them sitting next to Tanya Plibersek endorsing climate change.” Seriously, that’s what he said. He meant, of course, taking any action on climate change, but he also meant endorsing that it is even real, that it is a real thing caused by human activity. What an idiot. As ever, the science doesn’t care what you think. It has been demonstrated to be real, it’s your job as a politician to do something about it. And as always, the LNP, supposedly the party of practical, sensible, real people, can’t be bothered doing anything about a real, live practical problem that requires fixing. It would disturb their prejudices to do something about it, but the truth is the majority of them, including Dutton, don’t even believe it is real. They think it is a plot invented by latte-drinking lesbians in Leichhardt. Where is your practicality now, your hard-headedness. Bottom-feeding scum.
Hey, I’m amazed that I got through this post without going into all caps. Hurrah for me.

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