Who knows how all this madness will play out?

There seems to be a swing to the Right everywhere. The USA, Australia, the UK, much of Europe. But at the same time, interestingly the Left has become, well, more Left. In the US there are Presidential nomination candidates on the Democratic side who are way, way to the left of any candidate seen since probably the 1970s. It started with Bernie Sanders, but now Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris and others have adopted positions that would have seen them branded as Socialist firebrands in the 80s and 90s. Similarly Jeremy Corbyn in the UK is way to the left of the Blairite Labour Party of the previous era. Of course, we here in Australia can’t get it together to have a leftwing Labor Party, our ALP bends over backwards to be as conservative as the LNP and to depict the Greens as insane freaks.
But of course, the question is: will any of these people win? Seemingly the Democrats only have to field a candidate who can stand up without falling over to win. But is that illusory? There is a real possibility that the ridiculous will happen, and the worst President of all time, Trump, will be re-elected. It’s also possible that Corbyn will never be Prime Minister and the UK will continue with another generation of Tory madness.
Weird, isn’t it?

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