Growing Australian coffee

We all know that coffee is one of the most popular beverages in Australia. From pffice workers to tradies who do 9-5 jobs daily, rely heavily on coffee to stay active and perform their jobs to help them better maintain focus.

Apparently, Melbourne and Sydney has the highest number of coffee consumers which is verifiable considering the number of cafes and convenient stores like 7/11 open in close proximity to the office spaces every morning. Of late there has been a growing demand for various coffees. Not just Australia’s very own flatwhite but also single origin and blended coffees are becoming increasingly popular.

Australia produces coffee but it is grown more in the tropical areas specifically in Queensland or Northern NSW. The majority of the coffee is imported from overseas from Indonesia, Kenya, Ethiopia or from South America. I wonder with the vast of cultivable land in Australia conducive to growing coffee why we can’t grow the crop in the Land Down Under. France pride themselves with their wine but Australia has been successful in producing the same in Barossa valley or Hunter region. So why can’t we have success for domestically producing coffee?

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