How good is the south cost of NSW? The cool little towns past Wollongong were frequent places my family visited. My dad owned a building company and during the ’80s he nabbed a lot of contracts for NSW Public Works, building the housing for electrical sub-stations. The old fella bought an old school caravan and the family would go up and down the south cost all the time.

My favourite spot is Ulladulla. It’s a fishing town, so there’s awesome fish ‘n chip shops, but the draw card for me was Funland. They have pinnes, Street Fighter II, but the best thing was the miniature, electric car race track. I’d race my brother and the local kids and usually my bro or I would get on top. The trick is corner speed – hold back.

Funland is still around, so if you’re passing through Ulladulla do yourself a favour and be a kid again.

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