Temporary Humans

Motorcycles are fun. Motorcycles are cool. Motorcycles are dangerous.

I’ve been riding bikes since I was 17 when my dad bought me a Honda CT-110 (postie bike) from the old Bankstown Airport Auctions for six hundred bucks – bargain! I used it to get from home to my kitchen job in Bondi Beach which was very convenient seeing as my start time was 7am. One morning at about 6:40am I was bombing down a twisty downhill street when a car was coming up in the opposite direction and his headlights dazzled me. I was blinded for a second or two, bounced of the curb and ended up doing a “Koala” on a telephone pole.

Another beauty was when I was going about 65k/h down a main suburban road in Edgecliff and got T-Boned by a French tourist in a Suzuki Swift. I hit the deck hard, but my first instinct was to jump up and try to fight the guy then I fell over from concussion. The dude pushed my bike off the road and drove me to St. Vincent’s Hospital, but then he took off. I had $1,700 worth of damage to my bike.

It’s not all bad though. Bombing down the main straight at Eastern Creek Raceway at 210k/h and banking into turn one at 170kp is awesome.

Ride bikes – it’s fun.

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