Why the Election Doesn’t Matter? Howard Killed Manufacturing

The results of the Federal Election are;
The Liberal National Party won.
The Liberal and National Party had a plan for reducing Tax for small businesses. This is very significant in the demograph of Australia.

The introduction of the Goods and Services Tax in 2001 (by the Liberal and National Party) herein after refered to as the “Libs”; made way for a huge cultural shift in Australia.

Almost immediately; people who were once employed as wage earners, became ABN (Australian Business Number) holders which effectively made them small business people. The writer notes that following the introduction of the GST; as high as 1 in 5 households (Cardiff NSW) in various suburbs were linked to small business. Including Truck Drivers, Brickies Labourers. . .

The follow-on effect of having such a high proportion of the population being small business people is that wage earners are less represented in the population, and hence; politically.

The erosion of wage earners’ conditions is beneficial to small business. A shortage of workers drives ‘Wage Pressure’.

Australia is a big Island whereby all families really believe they have a right to drop their children to a private school in a Tourac Tractor.

Funnily enough, private schools in Australia aren’t really private? They’re heavily subsidised by Tax Payers; Payers of Income Tax.

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