yum cha

What is your favorite yumcha dishes? There are so many dishes you can choose in yumcha places. Usually they are available from the carts that serving ladies push along the place to show the customers the goodies they have in their carts. There are prawn dumplings, scallop dumplings, spinach dumplings, chives dumplings, sio mai, bbq pork steamed bun, bbg pork pastries, fried noodles, fried rice, rice noodles rolls, chicken feet (yum), tripes, meat porridge, a thousand egg porridge, custard egg steamed bun (piping hot), stir fried kai lan vegetables, pan fried taro cake, and all other dishes with names so unique that one can’t seem to remember them. Oh well, just point to the dish that looks yummy and the kind serving ladies will bring them to you. Happy eating!

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