Atheist or religious conservative

We have seen that people follow different religions and people who don’t follow any religion. Also there are people who have modified religion to suit their needs and follow it to just to maintain their presence in their society. There had been countless debates about the existence of the God. To reach God, do we need to follow a particular religion or path? If you don’t follow a religion can’t we live a good better life and better defined morals and discipline ? I guess since religions like Christianity, Muslims, Buddhism and others are standardised it is easy to follow and adopt it to define the way of life and bond together with the people and environment around you. However, if you are living in a multi cultural city like Sydney where you get to mix with people from different religion who don’t have the same view on religion, it is difficult to follow a particular religion and sometimes you find it difficult to establish a deep connection and bonding if the same philosophy is not shared. I guess lot of people feel the same way as me at the moment.

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