spoiler alert-avengers endgame

Yeah so i’m going to talk about avengers endgme

I was like everybody super keen for disney’s big budget finale, having been one of the select few who actually knew who Thanos was before the MCU.

so we can cut to the core…

I wasn’t overly impressed..

now don’t get me wrong it was a good movie, plenty of action, even a few teary moments but with all the hype from the studios and the russo brothers themselves..i was expecting more…I wanted the next empire strikes back, a real surprise something to spoil.

15 mins in when thor goes for the head instead im like..ok this is good, 3 hours left, this is going to be about something other then thanos…like the actual comic book plotline in the avengers named..endgame…anything

these are the directors that spent more then enough time with dan harmon then to come up with a bad time travel adventure…

I liked that thor got a beer gut and got to combine both the big lebowski and actual vikings in his character.

i think the fact that the original comic book had captain america martyr himself fighting thanos was a better way then the selfish ending of endgame..who cares about the earth right..saving people, ill just live my life the way i want even if im the only one who can save them..screw everybody else..thats the mcu captain america, not a hero..

we all expected iron man to be made a hero..we all expected spiderman to be back..we all expected thanos to lose..yeah spoiler that happens.

having said all that the films not a bad ride…its far better then justice league..but at over 3 hours its not very rewatchable and more just a one off fanfare event.

i also think for such a poignant plot hook nebulas operating systems need at least a bit more exposition than that..

so yeah good film..not a great film…and i dont think it was the best to undo the great tragedy of infinity war that just seems a better film now…making me remember oh yeah…its not real…just a movie..thats why it has a silly happy ending…its not real…in real life…you have to live with tragedies…

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