One Killed in a street accident

A serious street accident took place at about 10 a.m., 10 January,2019. A school boy of 15 was run over by a private bus at the crossing of college street and the Mahatma Gandhi Road. The bus was coming up at a high speed along the Mahatma Gandhi Road. The ill-fated boy was crossing the road. Unfortunately a pencil dropped from his school bag and he stopped to pick it up. The passers-by raised shouts of alarm. The driver tried his best to stop but he could not check the speed in time. The boy was run over by the bus and his body became a lump of flesh in pool of blood. Still he was taken to the Medical College Hospital where he was declared dead.This pathetic sight moved every heart and some of them who were there could not check tears. The driver was arrested by the police and the vehicle was seized.

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