Julian Assange to be jailed for life?

We have all heard of wikileaks and how secretive US government operations were brought to limelight by Australian computer programmer, journalist and self proclaimed “whistle blower” Julian Assange. Some of the classified documents released to public was shocking and even more astounding was the way Julian could access and spy on US government classified document. I understand there lot of lobbying and political partnership between US and Australian government. I wonder where to more weightage to – conspiring and spying on a foreign government or exposing the truth of the foreign government’s wrong doing. Never the less, US could not only ban and restrict Julian’s movement but made seek exile in a foreign Ecuadorian embassy outside US authority. After all this year of Julian living in exile, Ecuadorian embassy decided to turn its back on Julian and hand him over to USA for some unknown reasons. Julian is now a political prisoner of US and no one know what lies ahead with this case. How is Australian government react to it. Will Australia treat him as a hero or distrust him as a traitor or violator of privacy.

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