Australia could have been “Great”

Australia has abundant natural resources. It is plentiful in Coal, Iron Ore, Bauxite, Uranium and many other minerals. There is also a large farming sector that produces cropping and livestock.

Many of Australia’s mineral and agricultural products are exported around the world to neighbours and farther afield. There is also a petroleum industry that exports to the world.

A major deterrent to the success of Australia is its population. Various human traits of Australians are detrimental to the sustainable success of the country.
Politics, selfishness, low education standards and lack of direction have inexplicably retarded Australia’s performance.

This is evident in the manufacturing sector. In the past half century, Australian manufacturing has flailed. The reasons surrounding this are that Governments and the population didn’t feel it was necessary to protect and promote this sector. The “Car” industry in Australia has all but dissapeared.

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