Our Services

Taims to  provide technological experience to the underprivileged and disadvantaged in the community. We focus on providing both hardware and software as well as the experience in using them productively that allows these individuals to interact confidently in today’s digital world.



Provide experience in general clerical duties using computers with office productivity software that include document preparation, updating and filing. As well as other support duties which use computers and software.

Learning Programming

Upskilling participants using the Pi-Top laptop’s built-in software suite of programming applications. This gives them a chance to learn to code using modern programming languages which will give them access to well paid employment in the job market.


Provides work experience with pamphlet, booklet and newsletter design and production. It includes using promotional photography of donor at events showcasing their charitable donations.


An activity which develops research skills in job seekers of all ages. Working within a volunteer community the participants are involved in online cataloguing and research projects sponsored by the Australian Museum and other notable institutions.

Indigenous Support

T4C Services has connections with local indigenous groups and supports them by donating the laptops it assembles locally. In addition it runs courses at the Mudgin-gal  Women’s Centre in marketing and administration.